Co-Occurring Disorders

Many adults suffer from both a mental health and substance use disorder. This is known as co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis disorder. Integrated care for both disorders can lead to better outcomes. Fairfax treats both conditions together for a greater chance of recovery and improved quality of life.

A group of adults patients sit in a circle at a detox program

Fairfax Co-Occurring Treatment Program

The Fairfax Behavioral Health co-occurring treatment program is designed to address both the patient’s mental health and substance-use disorder at the same time. We believe that treating both disorders together using evidence-based treatment and integrated care, gives the patient the best chance for improved quality of life. Patients will be under the supervision of a psychiatric provider while, at the same time, other program staff will take the patient through medically based detoxification protocols. This short-term care will leave the patient understanding their diagnosis, their prescribed medications, and how best to manage their symptoms and triggers moving forward.

Co-occurring disorders are two intertwined problems. Using alcohol or other substances does not improve or help treat mental health disorders, it does the opposite. It also prevents the individual from learning the coping skills required to feel better. Alcohol and drug addiction can also interfere with the medication prescribed for psychiatric treatment.

At Fairfax, we believe that there is a synergistic and enhanced effect when an individual has a psychiatric disorder and a substance use disorder. Treating both together can lead to better outcomes and provide the best chance for recovery. Patients will be given recommendations and resources for their follow up care after their hospitalization to continue and support their journey to recovery.

Fairfax offers this program at the Kirkland, WA location, a serene campus where patients can take the time to focus on their own recovery.

What to Expect at Fairfax

Fairfax Behavioral Health, in King County, WA uses evidence-based therapies to treat those struggling with substance use disorders.

Your addiction treatment plan may include a number of different therapies and services such as:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Basic medical care
  • Medication management services
  • Detoxification services, including medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

The addiction treatment at Fairfax utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, reflection, relapse prevention, activities, goals, and groups.

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