Our Mission & Vision

Serving the Greater Puget Sound area, the mission and vision of Fairfax Behavioral Health is how we approach our treatment and how we will approach guiding you or your loved one on a journey to better mental health. We are dedicated to try and adhere to this mission and vision in every step that we take.

Fairfax Behavioral Health Our Mission


The mission of Fairfax Hospital is to provide the highest quality of patient care in response to the behavioral health care needs of the Greater Puget Sound area. This is done by focusing on the experience of our patients and their families.


Fairfax Behavioral Health will be recognized as the premier regional provider of innovative, compassionate behavioral health services, which enhances the health of our community. We will exceed the expectations of those served, maintain the highest standards and promote a rewarding work environment.

Hope Within Reach

We are your trusted partner, serving the Fairfax Behavioral Health needs of our community.