Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Program at Fairfax

Designed for adults in the Seattle metropolitan area who are experiencing a need for short-term, 24-hour mental health care, the adult inpatient psychiatric program at Fairfax Behavioral Health provides evidence-based treatment focused on healing.

A group of adults attend a psychiatric program

Inpatient Psychiatric Care For Adults

Our adult psychiatric program was developed to meet the ever-increasing need for behavioral health community-based, inpatient psychiatric services. This environment of care is embedded in our various locations in the Seattle metropolitan area: the Everett location (set on the Providence Hospital campus), the Kirkland campus, and the Monroe campus. As a community-based behavioral health program, there are both voluntary and involuntarily detained patients who are experiencing a wide spectrum of psychiatric conditions requiring a secure, evidenced-based, short-term term 24-hour care. These conditions may range from depression to disturbances of thought. As with all of our adult psychiatric programs, we use a multidisciplinary behavioral health approach for assessment, treatment, and discharge planning.

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