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Patients experiencing addiction, or abusing mood-altering substances, while experiencing psychiatric symptoms would benefit from this specialized detox and treatment program. The program staff is trained and experienced in safe, medically-based detoxification protocols and substance abuse treatment under the supervision of a Psychiatrist. This short-term program identifies addiction “triggers”and the thoughts and feelings that occur. These lead to either substance abuse or exacerbate psychiatric symptoms.

Co-occurring disorders are two intertwined problems. Using alcohol or other drugs does not improve or help treat mental disorders, it does the opposite. It also prevents the individual from learning the coping skills required to feel better. Alcohol and drug addiction can also interfere with the medication prescribed for the mental health disorder.

At Fairfax, we believe that there is a synergistic and enhanced effect when an individual has a psychiatric disorder and is abusing substances. This can only be effectively treated when both conditions are considered. In regards to aftercare, we assist our patients in determining the best circumstances and resources after hospitalization to support their sobriety, whether with strong community support, or longer-term residential care.

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